Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Sandra Oh unsure if she would ever return

“Grey’s Anatomy” is a show with a rich history of notable stars past and present, and there are few more beloved than Dr. Cristina Yang. Sandra Oh took on the role for more than a decade, but she decided eventually to depart in order to take on some further challenges.

Now, she has to look at the subject as to whether or not she would return — a subject that is mostly just being brought on now thanks to some press for her new movie “Catfight.” Speaking in a new interview on “Access Hollywood Live,” Oh made it clear that “it would have to feel right” in order for her to return. At the moment, she just doesn’t see the way in which to make it happen.

With that being said, Oh made it very much clear just how important the show was to her during the time in which she was a part of the Shondaland family:

“As an actor, as an artist, it’s a full life that one has … And as I look back to that time, which is extremely important and deeply meaningful to me, and it means a lot to me that a whole generation, a new generation of fans are discovering the show. So, it means a lot.”

Given that we didn’t see Oh return for Derek’s funeral (which is the one time in which we could’ve imagined her being back on the show), we have a hard time imagining that there are going to be many other reasons as compelling as this to bring her back — unless, of course, you are thinking about a series finale or some other huge milestone.

If Oh does not ever return, she would be far from the only “Grey’s Anatomy” star with this distinction. After all, it doesn’t appear as though Katherine Heigl will ever be back as Izzie (Shonda Rhimes hasn’t shown an interest in the past), and recently we saw Sara Ramirez lash out at ABC over their recent decision to let a bisexual comment make it into an episode of “The Real O’Neals” that she found particularly offensive.