Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Justin Chambers chimes in on Meredith – Alex romance

We do know that this question just so happens to be one of the ones that is the most popular for people out there, and as a result of that, one that many would like to get an answer on. We know that at the end of this past, there was an interesting moment that took place between the two characters that led to us having a very specific read on the situation: They could be getting together.

Did that turn out to be accurate? Well, that’s what we are here in order to piece together and figure out further now via the words of one of the actors at the center of everything. Speaking in a new interview with TVLine, Justin Chambers (who plays the character) stated that he currently sees the two as “as siblings that care very much for each other.” However, he did also contend that the idea of the two of them getting together is something that does happen often in this world, and therefore could happen rather easily on the show:

“…That happens in life, where people who are friends become lovers. Personally, I don’t see that [happening] right now. I think it would be kind of strange.”

Ultimately, we do see both sides. We like the idea of the two together romantically, but also understand that there’s something both very valuable in rare on TV where you have two platonic friends who never end up having a romantic relationship despite being of different sexes. One of the better examples of it would be Jack and Liz on “30 Rock.” For the most part, if there are male and female main characters, eventually they do end up together in one way or another. It is interesting to start to see things play out a little bit differently.

In the end, both Meredith and Alex do also have other potential romantic partners out there in Riggs and Jo. Whether or not they end up together, meanwhile, is a very different story.