Grey’s Anatomy: Episode 13.16 Promo – Jackson’s father, April, and Montana

When it Grey’s Anatomy season 13 episode 16 coming on ABC? Think just seven days! Hiatuses are terrible, but the great news in this instance is that we’re staring the last one in the face for a little bit. The next new episode entitled “Who Is He (and What Is He to You)” will be airing on March 16, and early indications right now suggest that this will be a huge one for all Japril fans out there. Jackson and April are traveling on their own, and while they will be heading to another state in order to care for a patient, it’s certainly possible that along the way they learn a thing or two about themselves and figure out a way to help their relationship — or so we hope.

Before getting any further, let’s offer up our Jackson – April point of view. Like most people, we want them to be happy. However, we know that this is Grey’s Anatomy. This is not the sort of show that tends to make anything easy for any of its characters, and of course we absolutely think that the same can be said for whatever is coming up here.

Synopsis – “Jackson and April travel to Montana in order to perform a complicated surgery on a young patient, but Jackson’s mind is elsewhere, and April is forced to step up and get him back on track.”

It seems like other than any potential romance, we could just be April care for Jackson and help him through a tough time. That is just as important as anything else.

About the Title – This is a reference to a Bill Withers song, and that is something that you’ll be able to check out at the bottom of the article. We do like it when the show highlights the classics, especially those that don’t get the love and attention they deserve these days.

Promo – Is Jackson’s father entering the picture? This is apparently going to help him to move forward, and it’s something that is now weighing heavily on his mind. This preview reveals precisely what his distraction is at the moment.