Empire Season 3 – Demi Moore signs up for role with season 4 implications

For this particular slice of “Empire” casting news, the Fox series is looking even beyond the end of this season, and is looking deep into the horizon courtesy of one Demi Moore.

Sources confirm that the film actress will be making an appearance at the end of season 3, playing a “nurse” who is apparently also way more than a nurse. She’s going to get herself mixed up in some shape or form with the Lyon family, and that will spiral over and carry into the upcoming fourth season of the show. Fox already renewed the series, so there’s little reason to be concerned in terms of whether or not the show’s going to get that. (Plus, the ratings are still impressive, even if we’re not looking at the steamroller that this show once was.)

Moore is not someone who makes a bevy of TV appearances, not that she really needs to when you consider her overall level of fame plus her clearly-established film career. The fact that “Empire” managed to get her is all the more impressive because of this, and it should be a signal that they’ve got a rather great role in store for her if they were able to convince her to get on board for some sort of story.

There’s also a little bit of serendipity to this story when it comes to the casting, given that her daughter Rumer Willis is also a part of this universe, as she is playing a sing-songwriter who will develop some sort of bond with Jamal. Her casting was first announced over the fall, but we feel like the two parties being a part of this show is more of a coincidence than it is anything more tangible that people actually need to be altogether transfixed on.

“Empire” will return with the final eight episodes later this spring; for the time being, we’re in the midst of yet another impossibly-long hiatus.