Chicago PD Season 4 – When is Ruzek returning?

The status of Ruzek has been one of the larger question marks floating around out there with “Chicago PD” season 4, mostly because he’s been gone for a number of episodes now with Kenny Rixton taking his place. With Burgess being up in intelligence now, we were hoping to see how it would be with the two of them working together, but so far, he’s just been gone.

Well, we’re now able to stamp an official date on his return to Intelligence: Wednesday, February 22. That is when the episode entitled “Favor, Affection, Malice, and Ill Will” is going to be airing on NBC. For the record, it’s certainly possible that we could see the character in some shape or form before this episode, but this is when we know for certain that Patrick John Flueger will be back. Hopefully, this means that he and Burgess are going to have a chance to have some time together since their former relationship, coupled with her promotion, seem to be among the reasons why he left in the first place.

Here’s the bad news for Ruzek: Even though he’s going to be coming back to Intelligence, that doesn’t mean that he’s going to have the same exact responsibilities that he did before leaving. Voight may have some other plans for him which could make some sense since Voight hates the idea of people on his team having any kind of romantic entanglement since it could lead to awkward situations like this. We could see Ruzek coming back, but Voight sending him off to do something else to avoid office drama.

As for what else is going to transpire in this episode, NBC confirms that we’re going to see Olinsky go undercover (ironically, Ruzek has been undercover now for a rather long time) in an effort to try to stop a grieving father who is out to avenge his daughter’s death in the most violent way possible. This sounds as though we’re going to be in for an eventful episode; for the record, this is the last one that is going to air before the big “Chicago Justice” preview event on Wednesday, March 1 that features both this show, “Justice,” and “Fire.”

Unfortunately, there is no new episode of “Chicago PD” airing tonight; the series will return to NBC on February 8. We have already conducted an interview with Marina Squerciati (Burgess), and that will also be posted in the days leading up to the episode so stay tuned!