Chicago PD: Episode 4.15 Promo – The aftermath of Ruzek’s return

Tonight on “Chicago PD,” we had a chance to see a wide array of different stories, including a big one for Burgess and also one that shook up Intelligence in a big way.

Moving forward, Ruzek is back! That’s great news, but it seems fair to say that one of the big stories moving forward in this episode is going to be seeing what happens after his return. Let’s just say that Voight is still going to be finding an interesting place for him, one that he may not be all that pleased about.

Synopsis – “When Lindsay (Sophia Bush) is tipped off about a grieving father looking to avenge his daughter’s death, Olinsky (Elias Koteas) goes undercover as a hitman-for-hire. With Gang Intelligence lacking enough evidence to arrest the original gangbanger in question, the team works to reinvestigate the case. Meanwhile, Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) comes back after finishing his undercover assignment only to have Voight (Jason Beghe) knock him down to patrol duty.”

Let’s just hope now that as we press further and further into this case, one of the big things that we get to see are some opportunities to see some further twists and turns with Ruzek, and also with some of the relationships between the various members of the force.

As for some of the other side stories, one of the most intriguing things on paper is clearly going to be the opportunity to get to see Olinsky undercover. This is a particularly intense case for him to take on, and of course we’re interested in seeing what happens with him as a result of it.