Chicago PD: Episode 4.14 Spoilers – Ruzek is coming back!

For those of you out there who are excited to see what happens next for Ruzek on “Chicago PD,” here’s some good news — you will be seeing him back in some form on next week’s new episode.

Recently, we spoke with Marian Squerciati, and she told us specifically that this is the episode where you you will see some movement between Burgess and Ruzek. Whether or not that movement is positive remains to be seen, but that’s a little something for fans of the two characters to look forward to seeing.

As for everything else that’s taking place in the episode, let’s just say that we’re going to have a chance to see Intelligence do what it can in order to solve a challenging case that started off with a fire.

Synopsis – “When a charred body is found in a torched house, Intelligence must work to identify the victim, as well as a young boy who is found badly injured inside. As they look to determine the cause and who may have been involved, they are faced with a web of secrets and lies. Meanwhile, Lindsay (Sophia Bush) and Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) receive an odd warning about Rixton (guest star Nick Wechsler) that leaves them suspicious.”

Could this episode be the end of Rixton with the team? If Ruzek is coming back, it may be fair to wonder whether or not there is room for both guys. Also, that could prove to be even more true if Rixton proves himself to be shady or dirty in any way. We’ve already learned that this is a character who does have some bad habits, and didn’t tell Voight everything that he knew on an earlier case. If this is a stepping stone to something more, it’s absolutely something to be aware of and nobody on the team should shove it far out of their minds.

Promo – Here’s how crazy this episode is going to be — we could have a case of mistaken identity on our hands.