Chicago Med: Episode 2.18 Promo – “Lesson Learned” details

Following tonight’s ominous episode entitled “Monday Morning,” what is the Chicago Med season 2 episode 18 return date be? Unfortunately, we are going to be seeing the series embark on a little bit of a hiatus. It’s not an incredibly long or an incredibly crushing one, but a hiatus is a hiatus nonetheless.

The next new episode is entitled “Lesson Learned,” and it’s going to be coming on the air on Tuesday, March 30. As for what you can expect to see, the synopsis below doesn’t touch on the character death that you’re going to see on “Monday Mourning” — we’ve intentionally omitted that part of it right now for spoilers. We’ll discuss that a little bit further when discussing the promo after the episode comes on the air.

Synopsis – “Will (Nick Gehlfuss) is troubled with a moral decision when his former teacher, Dr. Bella Rowan (guest star Jean Moran), is faced with a life-threating disease. Dr. Rhodes (Colin Donnell) and Dr. Bardovi (guest star Shiri Aljadeff) get involved in a sensitive situation when Rhodes disagrees with the father of a young patient regarding a risky procedure. Dr. Charles (Oliver Platt) and Sarah (Rachel DiPillo) handle an unusual case with a pilot … Maggie (Marlyne Barrett) takes an aggressive approach to training a new nurse.”

As per usual, Chicago Med will be cluttered through with a number of different storylines, but it’s almost a comfortable sort of clutter. This is the way that the show works, and this is the way that the show is. If these doctors and nurses ever had a break, we wonder what they would even know what to do with themselves.

Promo – Okay, so we will now confirm that Wheeler died tonight, and what happened there may bring some other characters on the show together. Specifically, we’re talking here about Natalie and Will. They embrace in the preview, and that makes Nina Shore start to wonder if her relationship with Dr. Halstead is one that will last.