Chicago Fire Season 5 – Prepare for a great divide

The fifth season of “Chicago Fire” has been largely about the Firehouse pulling people together during tough times — though to be fair, you could say this very much about much of the entire series as a whole. No matter what they go through or whatever differences that they have, many of these characters find a way to be there for each other in the end.

Unfortunately, a little bit later this season we could see a situation unfold where the characters are unable to be there for each other nearly as much — largely because they’ve been split up due to matters out of their control. The upcoming February 21 episode entitled “Purgatory” is going to serve as a chance to see Chief Anderson exercise the full range of his bitterness towards Boden, separating up many members of Firehouse 51 and reassigning them to various houses in Chicago. Boden will challenge him on Tuesday’s episode, and this may be the ramifications of that.

With this in mind, we imagine many different guest stars within this episode, as we’re going to struggle to see some of the characters struggle to figure out how to get this problem corrected and end up working together again. This is a crew that relies on each other for support (as referenced), so without them together for that, we can easily see them all having a few struggles out in the field.

As for what else you can expect to see in the episode, let’s just say that Severide may not have his mind made up completely in this installment as to what he wants to do when it comes to his future. Remember that he did recently receive an offer to head elsewhere (which in turn could be closer to Anna), but he’s going to have to figure out whether he wants to shift away from the life he already has.