Chicago Fire: Episode 5.13 Spoilers – Could Taylor Kinney’s Severide actually leave?

Tonight, “Chicago Fire” is going to return to the air with an episode that will still feature Casey and Dawson working to get through some of what they’ve been struggling with ever since Louie went off to live with his biological father. Meanwhile, Severide was still reeling somewhat with Anna’s decision to leave.

So where are we going from here? “Trading in Scuttlebutt” is the title for this hour, and we’ve got some further news in terms of what to expect below.

Synopsis – “When truck and squad are summoned to the scene of a dangerous accident, Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker) makes a split-second decision that overrides Chief Anderson (guest star Michael Hanrahan), the incident commander whose house was the first to respond to the call. Feeling his authority was undercut and his reputation damaged, Anderson uses his power to make things miserable for Boden and all of House 51 feels the repercussions. Meanwhile, Severide (Taylor Kinney) contemplates a major life-changing decision, Herrmann (David Eigenberg) does a good deed and Brett (Kara Killmer) looks to make some personal changes to herself.”

All in all, this sounds like it could be a game-changing episode for the series. One of the first things to know here is that Boden is someone who has clashed with higher leadership time and time again in his quest for the truth and what is right. This makes the story in some ways very exciting, but simultaneously, it could create further trouble for him.

As for Brett’s big change, who wants to bet that this could have something to do with some recent changes in her life due to what happened with Antonio? The two broke up tonight, but that doesn’t mean that the split is forever.

As for Kelly’s big decision, let’s just say that is tied to the offer that he had to potentially go to Springfield, where he could both get a promotion and a job near Anna. We gotta think that this will be a tough choice for him!