Bones Series Finale – Series exec promises hope for Booth / Brennan

Is there a reason to be nervous for Booth / Brennan going into the Bones series finale? Absolutely, but that hardly means that there is a reason to be incredibly afraid about what’s to come. Maybe have a pit somewhere in your stomach, but that’s about it.

In speaking on this subject further to TVLine, executive producer Michael Peterson noted that he understands “if people are worried. But this is Bones. Have faith.” This of that as a positive sign that the main characters survive the explosion created by Kovac. This is a show all about hope, and that went into many decisions that the writers made over the course of the episode tonight. This includes giving Angela and Hodgins a little bit of a happier future courtesy of their pregnancy. They went through everything that they did when it comes to his paralysis, but on the other side of it, they have what is now this happy victory that can transition them into another phase of their lives.

As for some of the things that Peterson wishes that we had in the final season, Peterson gave a list of different things that were simply cut out either for time or money:

“In retrospect, I wish we would’ve done more with [Booth’s son] Parker this season. And a lot of people ask about Brennan’s brother… But we had 12 episodes. We did the best we could. You also have to deal with the finances of it; nobody comes back for free … Hopefully people will embrace who did come back rather than pay attention to who wasn’t there.”

We do think that by and large, the show did the best that it could when it came to assembling guest stars and making the final season into a cause of great celebration. Sure, there are some super-dramatic moments such as the ones that we saw tonight. However, there have also been many times that we’ve smiled, and we’re going to go ahead and assume that we’ll cry next week.