Bones Series Finale – Say goodbye with lengthy series retrospective

The Bones series finale will be coming your way in a matter of weeks, and let’s make one thing abundantly clear: Nobody would blame you if you were going to be getting emotional. This is a show that has encompassed twelve years, countless schedule changes, cancellation rumors, and plenty of cast turnover. It’s the ultimate little engine that could, and it only seems fair that it receives some sort of big send-off.

In the end, this is by and large what the video below is all about. In this video, you can see everyone from stars Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz to series creator Hart Hanson discussing some of what the show’s meant to them, and reflecting on some of the memories that they all have. We mention these three in particular thanks to them all being there from the beginning, and knowing the show and its history better than anyone.

There are plenty of funny moments in the video (which clocks in at over 20 minutes and is the perfect companion to get you ready for the finale). There are also sweet, tender ones. This could make you emotional if you are a longtime Bones fan just because it’s the sort of thing that you’ve probably long hoped to get to this finale, but never quite knew for sure if it was something that was going to happen. Heck, there was even an episode tentatively titled The End in the End before the series finale just because of the suspicion that the show could be ending. It’s been a crazy journey, and this video is the perfect victory lap to a fond farewell.

As a reminder, the penultimate episode of the show airs on Tuesday night, and if you want to avoid spoilers on it, our suggestion is that you take a look at it live. Remember for a minute here that the final two episodes are set up as a two-parter, and one of them will bleed over directly to the other. If that’s not an incentive to watch live, what will be?