Bones Season 12 Spoilers – When is Betty White returning?

For those out there who love Betty White, it’s easy to figure out why they would want her to return to Bones. She was magnificent in her previous appearance, and with season 12 being the final year of the show, you want to get every drop of goodness from your guest stars that you possibly can.

With that, we’re pleased to report that White will be returning to the show in the role of Dr. Mayer on Tuesday, March 14 for an episode entitled “The Final Chapter: The Radioactive Panthers in the Party,” which sounds both like a mouthful and a really long title for a horror film!

As for what to expect from her, let’s just say that she is going to be offering up some guidance to Dr. Brennan in the midst of a quandary. While it’s not clear how big a role she’ll have in the case as a whole, the show looks to be taking advantage of Mayer’s role as a luminary in her field. Brennan can seek her out and respect her opinion; also, we have opportunities to laugh along the way.

As for some other details from this episode (which, for the record, is the last one before the penultimate one of the series), here you go:

-The case at the center of the episode will be the death of an ambitious writer / director. His body will be found in an extremely unusual fashion, and the death may in some way be connected to ideas that he had for a project.

-Booth is going to allow Aubrey to take more of the lead role on this particular case, which does make you wonder whether or not he’s passing the torch. We don’t think that’s the case, mostly because the show’s already done the whole Booth / Brennan walk away from the Jeffersonian storyline. We see this more as just respect for Aubrey and the growth that he’s shown since joining the team.