Bones Season 12 Spoilers – Hope for happy resolution

“Bones” is a show that, while sad at times (see: Sweets), does tend to like to make you feel pretty good about what you’ve watched when the dust settles. That’s why we’ve got episodes of the show that end with toasts, hugs, or celebrations. It’s a drama with heavy comedic elements, and it doesn’t stray too far from that the majority of the time that it’s on the air. If it did, would you really recognize it anymore? It’s a worthy question, and it’s one that we hopefully are not going to really figure out over the course of the remainder of the show. (We know that we’re in a sadder time now with the death of Brennan’s father, but our feeling is that in time, we will see some of the characters start to work their way out of it.)

Speaking further on the subject of resolution to TVLine, executive producer Michael Peterson recounted a story about patterns of the show that he uncovered when watching the show with his wife after taking on the co-showrunner position:

“After watching 67 episodes, my wife asked if [series creator] Hart [Hanson] was a hippie, because everything worked out. [For example, when] Wendell slept with Angela, Hodgins got along with Wendell by the end of the episode. Things work out. Hart’s very much a ‘people ride off into the sunset’ kind of guy, he’s an optimist, and we wanted to infuse that into the finale. We wanted to have them go through hell, but at the end, we want them to ride off.”

Therefore, this is probably going to be a happy ending for Booth, Brennan, and everyone else at the Jeffersonian, which makes some sense given that the idea of the show ending in depressing fashion is not something that we or anyone else wants to take. What you should be most jubilant about is the sole fact that the show knew far in advance that this would be their series finale. They had an opportunity to prepare for it, and were not blindsided or forced to come up with a last-minute ending a la “Castle.”