Bones Season 12 – Check out the latest Booth – Brennan undercover mission

The twelfth season of “Bones” is one that’s done quite a few different things over the past several weeks — we’ve seen action, some returning characters, and absolutely plenty of emotion. This past episode featured the loss of Brennan’s father, and this is a sad occasion that is going to cause some reflection and possibly some tension given the sole fact that people sometimes grieve differently, and it’s hard to get on the same page when you are in such occasions.

For those of you who do watch the show mostly for comedy, be assured that the series will be moving forward in due time. Specifically, on the upcoming March 7 episode entitled “The Steel in the Wheels,” the series will be focusing in on something that’s certainly different, and far more lighthearted, than anything that you’ll have seen in recent memory: An undercover mission. Booth, Brennan, and Aubrey are all going to throw on some cheesy / trashy disguises, and will be doing their part to figure out what happened when a guy dies after a hay baler crisis. They’ll be going undercover at a demolition derby competition, which is probably one of the more fun places that you can go undercover — and also one of the craziest. You’re going to have a chance to see many fun things, and that includes Stephen Fry as Gordon Wyatt! He’ll be present in this episode in order to lend Hodgins and Cam a helping hand. We’re always down to be able to see more of Fry on the show, and we’re especially thrilled when you consider that he’s rather busy right now when it comes to “The Great Indoors.”

This episode should help to push forward the story, but at the same time also shine a light further on what has long been one of the best parts of the show as a whole — the silly, funny cases that we get where the characters head undercover and try to get the job done. This isn’t always the environment but you’d expect to see Brennan in, but we do think that it totally works!

After this episode airs, the sad reality is that there aren’t too many episodes to go. We figure that every one of them will get more emotional from here on out.