Blindspot Season 2 – Ronda Rousey to appear in May episode

As we get closer to the end of “Blindspot” season 2, the show may be looking for some heightened drama and big-name guest to help boost the show’s renewal odds further. One of the latest names to add to that list is Ronda Rousey.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the famed mixed-martial arts fighter has been cast in a May installment of the show — and before you ask, she’s not going to be playing herself or some other MMA fighter who is conveniently very much like herself. Instead, her role is going to be that of Devon Penberthy, a female inmate in prison who hails from the White Mountains region of New Hampshire. As you would imagine given that this is Rousey, she’s still a tough, athletic woman and these traits will be found in her character. She’s going to be serving time for transferring weapons across state lines — a significant crime, but given the nature of this show you almost expect something even more.

Rousey’s casting should be a nice little shot in the arm, but there aren’t many details just yet surrounding how she is going to be a part of this current season. This is a show that is giving you a little bit more of its central mythology at the moment, with cases focusing primarily on some of Jane Doe’s tattoos and the mysteries that they could eventually lead to. It’s a show that does succeed in a wide array of different ways, but the part of it we enjoy the most remains the part that combines these mysteries with rich, multifaceted characters.

The show will have a few more stories coming up, but be prepared for there to be one more significant hiatus between now and the end of the season. Without that, the season would probably be at an end before we get around to May even beginning.