Arrow Season 5 – Stephen Amell looks at Oliver Queen – Dinah Drake possibilities

Is it possible that an Oliver Queen – Dinah Drake relationship is coming on Arrow? Certainly so, but there are no guarantees of anything. What we know for the time being is that Dinah is a new character being brought into the world of the show, and there should be some entertainment that comes out of the development, the getting-to-know-you phase.

Also, you have to remember here that Dinah and Laurel Lance are different characters in the original comics; as a matter of fact, Dinah was her mother in some iterations! Therefore, there is no violation of canon that would come with Oliver not being with her, and destiny in general is something that Stephen Amell discusses further in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“The idea that Oliver would end up with the Black Canary being Katie Cassidy or any new iteration thereof? To me, it could happen, it could not, but it’s certainly not destined to happen or predesigned to happen.”

In addition to it not being a necessity to pair up these characters because of canon or lack thereof, we also don’t think that it’s all that interesting to have another Black Canary with romantic ties right after having one. That just takes the whole “replacing” part of the equation to another level, and we don’t say that as someone who is pushing another ‘ship on you or another.

One other interesting reminder Amell gives to the publication is that the whole notion of Arrow following a strict canon is pretty much moot at this point — instead, it’s more about the spirit of the comics and following intention:

“There are elements that you find in a TV show that make the show what they are, and that became Oliver’s relationship between Felicity [Emily Bett Rickards] and Diggle [David Ramsey] — one character that’s completely original in terms of John Diggle, an ode to Andy Diggle, who wrote Year One, and Felicity Smoak, who was plucked from the far reaches of the DC universe. Thea Queen [Willa Holland] also does not exist in the comics and I think that’s all stuff that’s important to remember.”