Arrow Season 5 – On big flashback episode; Prometheus drama

For those out there wondering if there would be a chance to get a big Arrow flashback episode later this season, it does seem that this is coming. We’ll be the first to admit that these stories aren’t our favorite, but there is something in particular about “Kapiushon” coming up on March 22 that could be head and shoulders above the rest. (Note: This is a title change, seemingly because of a mis-translation of the Russian word for “hood” — which is what this is a reference to.)

Based on the information that is out there via The CW, in these flashbacks you will see Anatoly start to become concerned that Oliver is becoming too violent for his own good, which could lead to things going completely off the rails. It would start to make some sense that through all of his time in Hong Kong, Russia, and back on the island, Oliver ended up becoming a monster. This may be in turn why he found himself back on the island before eventually making his way home to what was then Starling City. He became the Arrow as a result of all of his training, and this Russia story could ultimately just be a study in how he got to the place where he thought killing was necessary.

What is so interesting about this season is that one of the big criticisms of it is that Oliver isn’t altogether likable — and we think that this is in part the point. This is not someone who you are supposed to treat with kid gloves. He’s a murderer who’s done some pretty terrible things, and those can’t just be ignored or glossed over. The deeper the show looks into them, the more interesting the story could become as he starts to figure out his way to redemption — if there is one.

This episode is also going to feature even more conflict between Oliver and Prometheus, which is mostly intriguing because of the new knowledge that Prometheus is Adrian Chase. There’s not a lot known about the how or the why there yet, but hopefully there will be some further information soon.