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We’ve had a couple episodes without Prometheus being a central part of the story. Can you preview what’s ahead and what we’re dealing with?

Guggeneheim: For me, [Episode] 14 is this fulcrum where a lot of the little seeds that have been planted in the first half of the season start to come to fruition and you start to realize, “Oh, Prometheus has been setting up a chessboard.” And the episode ends with the next key move in Prometheus’ grand plan.

Did you know who Prometheus was when you started the season? Has that identity changed at all?

Guggenheim: Yes, we knew from the beginning. No, it hasn’t changed. I think I’ve said this in a bunch of different ways over the last five years, but we always go in with a plan. We do tend to call audibles as we get inspired and get new ideas. A year is a long time. But general speaking, something that major, like the mystery of the identity of the Big Bad, we’re pretty dialed into it from jump.

Source: TVGuide