Arrow: Episode 5.14 “The Sin-Eater” Press Release

For those of you looking for more female villains on “Arrow,” rest assured that you’re going to get three of them in a single episode coming up this month!

Per The CW, the upcoming February 22 episode entitled “The Sin-Eater” is going to mark an opportunity to see the team face off against three women who all escaped from Iron Heights: Cupid (Amy Gumenick), Liza Warner (Rutina Wesley), and China White (Kelly Hu). All have been a thorn in the side to Arrow / Green Arrow before, and it’s going to be pretty clear that they are going to want revenge. They’ll seek him out, but Oliver’s going to be in for a surprise courtesy of another organization getting involved in the middle of the fight: The Anti-Crime Unit. What happens from there may drop a few jaws in the audience.

What we like about the idea of Cupid, Liza, and China working together is that it gives the show almost its own version of the Rogues from “The Flash” or the Legion of Doom from “Legends of Tomorrow.” Given that the Green Arrow has a team of people around him willing to take part in some of his fights, it only makes sense that the bad guys try to find strength in numbers. Our question is whether or not the three will be able to cooperate well forever, given that Cupid’s already shown a tendency to not play well with others.

In general, there’s a good bit to be excited about here — we haven’t see these three characters on the show in a bit, and given how much talk there’s been so far this season about legacy, it makes sense for Oliver to be forced to revisit some of his past in order to move forward. Also, we hope that Cupid and company don’t get arrested at the end of this just so that we’re leaving the option out there for them to appear again down the road (without having to break out of prison again).