Agents of SHIELD: Episode 4.16 Spoilers – First look at a new world

Agents of SHIELD is going to be returning to ABC with new episodes on Tuesday, April 4, and judging from the just-released poster for the show, the network is going all in on the Agents of HYDRA concept.

In many ways, the idea that they’ve come up with to promote the final arc of the season is rather brilliant given that you’re basically just recreating some old posters for the show with HYDRA in there rather than SHIELD, and all you have to do is change the title and the background. You’re allowing yourself a chance to save some money on new ideas (good for a low-rated show) while doing something that still stands out.

The idea for this arc is in many ways an interesting concept, given that you’re throwing characters within the framework, where they are living out an existence as though HYDRA won the battles earlier on in the season’s run. This feels a little bit like Marvel’s combination of Flashpoint from The Flash mixed with The Man in the High Castle. For the actors, it’s probably a thrill to play different versions of the same characters. For the show, it’s also probably inexpensive since you’re not having to bring in huge special effects to pull this story off.

To go along with all of this information, we’ve got for you below some of the first details on Agents of SHIELD season 4 episode 16:

“Daisy and Simmons are the only hope to save everyone in a world controlled by Hydra.”

Given that Simmons within the framework is seemingly dead, one of the interesting story elements that we expect to see here is the reconciliation of this versus having a living version of the character also around out there in the world potentially. This is provided that this Simmons finds a way to interact with some other characters.

More than anything else, the biggest focus for this show should just be finding a way to make sure that a season 5 happens. The ratings have been low for a rather-long stretch of time now, and despite the great partnership between ABC and Marvel, there could be a tipping point soon. Plus, you do have a different Marvel series in The Inhumans coming featuring Black Bolt. That serves as a very different opportunity to continue that collaboration.